In-Person Dog Training Available


End your dog’s reactivity today!

The Reactive Rehab Bundle Includes

Reactive Rehab Course:

Understanding Reactive Behaviour

Methods of Correction

Fixing the Reactivity

Videos of Real Reactive Dogs


Continued Management and Success

Value: $129

Elite Off-Leash Package:

No-Pull Walking

Distraction Training

Sit, Down, Place, Stay

Calm in the House

Heel Command

Master Recalls

E-Collar Training (optional)

Structured Play

Distance Commands

Value: $399

Total Value: $528

Your Price: $499



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Embarrassed by your dog’s outbursts? Is walking your dog a stressful experience? It’s time to end the reactive behaviour and give you and your dog a new lease on life!

Many dogs suffer from fear-based reactivity. Many dogs are extremely frustrated especially when on leash and their frustration manifests as reactivity. Often dogs and owners struggle with this behaviour for years and in many cases for the entire life of the dog. They try many types of training, medication, and other procedures only to fail time and time again.

Good news! Here at Shield K9 we have the answers. We have been fully rehabilitating reactive dogs for the last decade. We understand these dogs intimately and we have a systemic FAST training approach that works for ALL dogs suffering from this affliction. Our training system is clear for the dog, clear for the owner, and designed from the ground up to holistically address the undesirable behaviour. We don’t just fix the reactivity in this bundle. We fully train the dog from the ground up. Rock solid recalls, loose leash walking, impulse control, healthy social management, and confidence building are all included in this signature bundle. Our training system has cured all the reactive dogs you have seen in our videos, it has helped all the owners you see in our reviews, and it is PROVEN and it is FAST.

You will also get access to our Alumni only group where you will interact with Haz, his trainers and other course alumni. Share successes, challenges, brags and ideas!

Equipment List

E-Collar (E-Collar Technologies or Dogtra recommended)

Herm Sprenger prong collar

Elevated pet cot

5–6-foot leash or slip lead

30-foot-long leash

Treats and or a toy


Lifetime access

Science-based approaches

Step by Step Instructions

Training for the real world

Hundreds of successful clients