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No-Pull Walking Course

Make Your Walks Easy and Stress Free!

The No-Pull Waking Course Includes

Removing leash pulling

Building focus on your walks

How to handle the dog under distraction

Building confidence

The No-Pull Waking Course Includes

Removing leash pulling.

Building focus on your walks.

How to handle the dog under distraction.

Building confidence.


This course can also be found in the Elite Off- Leash Package

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Introduction to the Course

Loose leash walking is the foundation of all the training we do here at Shield K9. Take the frustration out of your walks and have a dog that focusses on you more than anything else. Loose leash walking promotes good behaviour on the walk and creates more reliability in your obedience training. The No-Pull Walking course is included in our signature Elite Off-Leash Package which covers complete on and off-leash obedience training.

Equipment List

5-6 foot leash

Herm Sprenger prong collar

E-Collar (Optional)

Treats or a toy (Optional)


Lifetime access

Science-based approaches

Step by step instructions

Training for the real world

Hundreds of successful clients