Elite Off-Leash Package

Suitable for dogs 6 months plus

Topics Covered

No-Pull Walking

Sit, Down, Place, Stay

Heel Command

Off-Leash Recall

Off-Leash Walking

Distraction Training

Structured Play


E-Collar Training

Examples with multiple different dogs

Total Value: $XX

Your Price: $399


This package can also be found in the Puppy to Adult bundle or the Rescue Dog bundle.

Introduction to the Package

This is our signature off leash training course. Do you want your dog off leash next to you while you stroll through the busy city with a coffee in your hand?

This course takes you from an untrained dog to a fully off leash obedience trained dog that can go anywhere and handle any distraction. This is the training that put us on the map, a level of obedience that most people never thought possible.

Once you take a dog to this level, you will never want anything less! This can all be accomplished in 5 to 6 weeks!

Whether working dogs, pet dogs, service dogs, sport dogs, I have yet to meet a dog that would not benefit for this level of training.

To do this training with us in person you would be spending $2000+. 

These videos are in the order that Haz and his training team recommend all the training to occur. Most of these videos are only available through ELITE membership but some especially the theory videos are also available free on YouTube. What you are getting in addition to the exclusive training videos shot by Haz for Elite members is also all the information presented sequentially in order to optimize your training experience.

BE WARNED: We did not leave any stone unturned in these videos. If you skip steps, you will NOT get the best results.

Equipment List

6-foot Leash (Leather or Nylon NO bungee etc.)

Treats (Dog must like them use something he will die for)

Prong collar (Herm Sprenger is best 2mm to 3mm, do NOT use 4mm)

E Collar (E collar tech or Dogtra)

Ball with rope or Tug

30-foot-long line or retractable leash of high quality


Lifetime access

Science-based approaches

Step by Step Instructions

Training for the real world

Hundreds of successful clients